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La Vergne Tennessee U.S.A.
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We offer Standard Ranges up to 1000PPM
OE Manufacture of Precision Gas Detection Solutions in U.S.A. Offering sensor and detection systems, history of circuit and manufacturing in
America since the early 1980s, handmade  by professionals for over 20 years.

Greer Systems Automation (GSA) manufactures electronic circuits specific to the industrial leak detection market, measuring in PPM our
stationary gas detectors and controllers enjoy a long history of operation for our clients, over the years we have developed several lines
suited for different applications, 4-20mA output is standard, additional options are isolated outputs and adjustable trip relays, Solid State
offers sensor life up to eight years, Electrochemical are now provided as low or high PPM ranges up to 5000PPM,
GSA manufactures many circuits, from Micro Temperature Circuits to Full Ethernet accessible Platform Controllers, all our products are
handmade in the U.S.A.
We also offer full testing and rework capability, we can supply test gas and replacement sensors
fast, friendly support is always free.
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AS400 Solid State
AS600 Electrochemical
IC  Electrochemical
IC  Solid State
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AS200 Oxygen Depletion